Section As

I initially vowed never to get involved in Section As, but they proved irresistible and in 2003 the decision was made to branch into Welsh Mountain Ponies as well as Cobs. After much searching I purchased three wonderful foundation mares - the delightful multiple medal winning Ringstead Charming Lass ( C-line ) . Sadly we lost Charm in 2013 aged 26 years old but she will never be forgotten. The fantastic mare Vervale Rara (R-line) from Barry Shepherd and the lovely old-fashioned Granby Lacewing (L-line). Unfortunately I was to lose Lace in 2005 but not before she produced a beautiful buckskin filly foal, Taraco Louisiana who has been retained. 

In 2010, I was thrilled to announce that I will be adding the absolutely delightful Vervale Gift of Gold to our small herd who will hopefully found a new G-line of welsh mountain ponies at Taraco to complement the other foundation mares I already have. Gold is on lease from Barry Shepherd at Vervale Stud and I genuinely cannot thank Barry enough for letting me persuade him that Gold could join us. 2008 also saw the arrival of the absolutely delightful stallion Friars Golden Mark . Having searched the length and breadth of first the UK and then Europe for that 'perfect' stallion that combined bone, depth, grace, character and a temperament befitting the best of the welsh, I was nervous when he popped up in the Fayre Oaks High Flyers catalogue! Bred in the purple with unrepeatable breeding this gorgeous stallion was no disappointment in the flesh and I was thrilled when at the fall of the hammer he was mine!

I firmly believe that temperament is essential in a Section A and have very carefully selected both mares and stallions for their potential to produce top quality children's ponies. I hope that I have sought out ponies that epitomise the Welsh Mountain Pony - kind-natured, intelligent, pretty, with a good length of rein and limbs set square with good flat bone and tail set high - and our foals so far have not disappointed. All foals that have been shown so far have been prizewinners at the highest level with Taraco Crossfire (multiple supreme champion and prizewinner); Taraco Renegade (multiple prizewinner including Royal of England); Taraco Razzamatazz (prizewinner at medal level); Taraco Rioja (prizewinner at County level); and most importantly now the first foals are growing up its great to see that Taraco Crossfire (now 9 years old) is continuing his winning ways under saddle and in hand with his young 5 year old jockey! With 3 beautiful broodmares and arguably one of the best bred stallions in the UK, I hope I have set the foundations for the future - I will leave you to decide if I have been successful!

I genuinely consider myself incredibly priviliged to own such wonderful broodmares and I hope that over the years I can do them (and their breeders) justice by selecting stallions to suit them to enable them to throw foals that reflect the quality of these mares and their breeding. Thank you so much to their breeders for breeding such lovely mares! Please click on the photos to see more information, pedigree and pictures of the ponies.

Friars Golden Mark

Section A stallion foaled 2000

This is a stunning champion chestnut section A stallion by renowned stock getter and Supreme Champion Penual Mark and out of the Royal Welsh winning mare Friars Lleucu-Llwyd. He has an exceptional pedigree and is very closely related to a whole dynasty of medal winning and supreme champion ponies. Lovely old fashioned pony with a superb front, amazing depth, bone and feather and an unbeatable temperament. He has produced some superb foals for us including winners and champions like Taraco Chiquita and Taraco Goldikova, as well as the stunning Taraco Galliano (exported to Czech Republic) and Taraco Gloriana (exported to Finland). 


Vervale Gift of Gold 

Section A Mare foaled 2006

By kind permission of Barry Shepherd. This utterly gorgeous mare is by the top stallion Supreme Champion Springbourne Caraway and out of the champion show mare Blanche Glimmer (by Springbourne Boy Blue). Gold, as she is known at home, has been successfully shown already and is a beautiful filly with loves action, real mountain pony type and quality. She is a full sister to the phenomenal stallions and prolific prizewinners Vervale Gabbana and Vervale Galileo and I cannot thank Barry enough for letting this very special lady join the gang here at Taraco. She is dam to the two beautiful fillies Taraco Goldikova and Taraco Goldiana - both by Friars Golden Mark - and she is hopefully in foal to Mark for 2014.

Vervale Rara

Section A Mare foaled 1998

This is a beautiful chestnut sabino mare by Supreme Champion Vervale Gangster and out of Supreme Champion Neuaddparc Welsh Lady (by Penboeth Raffles). Rara has founded the R-line at Taraco and she has had seven stunning foals for me including 2005 RASE winner Taraco Renegade (sold to Sweden as a foal), the prizewinning filly Taraco Razzmatazz (champion and winner in Holland and Belgium) and Taraco Rockstar (sold to France). Most of her foals when shown were all prizewinners at County Level or above. Thank you to Barry Shepherd for making a dream come true when he let me buy this stunning mare. I adore her, and my R-line babies!  

Taraco Cherish

Section A filly foaled 2005

Big-moving cremello mare by the lovely young stallion Tynyfid Carwyn and out of Supreme Champion Ringstead Charming Lass (by Forlan Brigidier). This gorgeous mare has had two lovely fillies by Heniarth Quip and a stunning palomino colt by Friars Golden Mark in 2013. she is now hopefully back in foal to Mark for 2014.

Taraco Goldiana 

Section A filly foaled 2013

An exquisite chestnut filly by the Supreme Champion Friars Golden Mark and out of Vervale Gift of Gold (by Springbourne Caraway). Goldiana is full sister to Taraco Goldikova (first at her one and only show to date). She is a massive moving filly with an exquisite head and a real 'look-at-me' attitude so typical of her breeding. Born in 2013 this lovely filly has been retained as a future broodmare.

Taraco Louisiana

Section A filly foaled 2005

Stunning buckskin (dun) filly by the Youngstock Champion Friars Liberty and out of Granby Lacewing (by Granby Moth). Retained as a future show filly and broodmare to carry on her dam's line. Now 8 years old Lulu had a gorgeous prizewinning colt (Taraco Lionheart) by the RWAS winning driven stallion Teifi Frankie Flanagan in 2009 and was then broken to ride. She is now on loan to the Pettit family as a LR/FR pony for their 3 year old daughter.


Ringstead Charming Lass RIP

Section A mare (1987 - 2013)

A beautiful palomino mare, multiple medal winner, by Forlan Brigidier and out of the Supreme Champion mare Ringstead Waitress (by Revel Saled). Charm was my foundation section A mare and has founded the C-line at Taraco. She has had three fantastic foals for me including the multiple prize-winner and champion Taraco Crossfire and the lovely fillies Taraco Cherish (retained) and Taraco Chiquita.

Granby Lacewing RIP

Section A mare (1993 to 2005)

Delightfully old-fashioned perlino mare by Granby Moth and out of Granby Belinda (by Twyford Shrimp). Unfortunately she died in May 2005 but not before she had the beautiful filly Taraco Louisiana who has been retained to continue the L-line. It was a privilige to own such a kind, gentle and old-fashioned mare and not a day goes by when I do not miss her and wish she was here, I am just grateful every day for the time she was here, and for her beautiful daughter who reminds me so much of her dam in every way.

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