Palomino welsh ponies and cobs had always been a passion, although I never intended to start breeding them, but as every welsh fanatic knows, they are addictive and once you start you cannot stop! I spent 2 years looking for a quality palomino welsh cob for myself and despite looking the length and breadth of the UK I struggled to find many palominos let alone quality ones. I was repeatedly told to 'get a proper coloured cob' and started to realise quite what a monumental task it was to find a nice true to type welsh cob. I established my stud in 1998 and now, more than 10 years later, I have slowly built up the foundation stock and have an international reputation for breeding top quality welsh ponies and cobs that are also palomino, buckskin or cremello. Founded with a real vision and determined to ensure that it was possible to combine quality with colour I will leave it to you to decide if I have achieved my aim. It was inevitable that in focussing on quality I should have the full range of welsh colours at the stud and breeding stock and foals have included chestnuts, bays, roans, sabinos, palominos, buckskins, cremellos, smokey creams, perlinos, greys of all shades. There is as much variety within colours as in colours across the breed and you will see I love the variety of shades and am proud that the full range of palomino colours is fully evident at the stud with ponies ranging from pale golden (Beauty), through pure golden (Charm and Orlando) to dark dappled (Fantasy). All the mares and stallions are superbly bred with back to back champions throughout their pedigrees, and we hope that our stock will go on to be as successful as their parents and siblings have been whatever colour they end up. My motto is "specialising for colour without compromising on quality" and it is the ethos for both the welsh ponies, welsh cobs and coloured cobs bred here at Taraco. Over the past decade or so there has been a huge increase in the number of people trying to breed palomino welsh ponies and cobs - I hope that my ponies and cobs consistently stand out from the crowd as being exceptional ponies and cobs first and foremost, that happen to be a lovely colour. Here are a sample of some of the palominos that I have had or bred at Taraco Stud - Please click on the photos to see more information, pedigree and pictures of the ponies.

Taraco Bonita

A beautiful palomino section D filly by Supreme Champion Trevallion Valentino and out of Terackie Golden Beauty (by Nebo Thomas). This delightful filly has great presence and movement as well as being very inquisitive, confident and kind. This filly will be retained at Taraco Stud alongside her dam.  

Danaway Orlando

A gorgeous gold palomino section D colt by Supreme Champion Danaway Flash Jack and out of Trevallion Mani (by Trevallion President Dino). His pedigree features Trevallion Flash Jack, Trevallion April, Trevallion President Dino and Trevallion Valentino. This lovely colt has loads of bone and exceptional ground covering movement as well as the trademark Danaway Flash Jack temperament. In 2009 we were reluctantly persuaded to sell him to Steffi Stahmer in Germany and I wish her all the best with him.  

Danaway Desert Storm

This is a stunning pure gold palomino section D colt by Supreme Champion Danaway Flash Jack and out of Costa Cloey (by Trevallion Valentino). His grandparents are Trevallion Flash Jack, Trevallion April, Trevallion Marie and Trevallion Valentino. Regrettably it isnt always possible to keep everything and this gorgeous stallion was reluctantly sold to B Owen but still covers some of my mares each year.  

Danaway Fantasy 

The foundation mare of the stud this beautiful palomino section D mare is by Supreme Champion Danaway Flash Jack. She combines the best bloodlines of Trevallion Flash Jack, Brynymor Welsh Magic and Nebo Brenin.

Dwyfor Saffron  

I am thrilled to announce that this beautiful golden palomino mare is returning to Taraco Stud in 2008 having reluctantly been sold in 2002. This gorgeous mare is by the lovely old fashioned stallion Dwyfor Supersonic and features some top old fashioned cobs in her immediate pedigree including Nebo Brenin, Llanarth Flying Saucer, Llanarth Braint, Llanarth Siriel and Llanarth Cerdin. Her full brother stands at stud in Germany and her offspring include the stunning palomino mare Taraco Sapphire (currently at Dwyfor Stud). She has been brought in as a deliberate outcross bloodline to complement the Trevallion and Nebo lines at the stud.

Ringstead Charming Lass

A beautiful section A palomino mare, multiple medal winner, by Forlan Brigidier and out of the Supreme Champion mare Ringstead Waitress (by Revel Saled). She has had two fantastic foals for me including the multiple prize-winner Taraco Crossfire.

Terackie Golden Beauty

Lovely section D palomino mare by Supreme Champion Nebo Thomas and out of Aberlogin Polly (by Thorneyside The Equaliser). Beauty has bred three lovely palominos for me - the filly Taraco Bonita (retained), the two colts Taraco Benito and Bacardi (both sold) and the chestnut colt Taraco Bendigo (exported as a foal).


Taraco Stud, Canterbury, Kent

A small stud specialising in breeding for colour without compromising on quality