Taraco Stud

-breeding for colour without compromise-

Established in 1998, I have always specialised in breeding for colour without compromising on quality. The focus has always been on breeding top quality palomino, cremello and buckskin (dun) Welsh ponies and cobs from top class stock by champion stallions. Despite only breeding for 12 years, foals bred here have been very successful in the show ring (including both Welsh section A and Welsh Section D wins at the Royal of England) and ponies and cobs have been sold to America, Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Czech Republic and Finland. So if you like palomino welsh cobs, cremello welsh cobs, buckskin welsh cobs, chestnut welsh cobs, palomino welsh ponies, cremello welsh ponies, chestnut and bay welsh ponies or grey welsh ponies, but most of all top quality welsh cobs and welsh ponies then please enjoy our website! The aim is to breed Taraco Fiasco - click on photo for pedigree and information true to type welsh cobs and ponies with excellent temperaments, conformation and action, that have the temperament  and ability to excel in any sphere - in hand, under saddle, or in harness if they end up palomino or buckskin (dun) that is an added bonus! As many people know, there aren't many guarantees in breeding palominos (other than the fact that your favourite palomino mare will consistently throw you chestnut colts, but when you sell her she will have an outstanding palomino filly the following year) but it is nice to have a focus as a small stud. The range of palomino and dilute colours is fully evident at the stud with mares ranging from cremello, perlino and smokey cream (Cherish and Magic) through palomino (Firecracker, Bonita, Charm and Fantasy) to buckskin (April, Lulu, Fernando and Fiasco) and chestnut (Ribbon, Rara, Cherimarie and Golden Mark) as well as grey (Glisten and Razzle). Please visit the photo gallery for more pictures of the different chestnuts, palominos and cremellos at Taraco Stud and don't hesitate to email me for more information on any of the ponies or cobs! 

To that end, and after several false starts, I have carefully selected the foundation stock, each of which has been chosen specifically for their bloodlines, conformation, action and temperaments. The Section Ds are primarily based on combining Trevallion Flash Jack with Nebo Brenin bloodlines and nearly all the Welsh Cobs feature one or both of these stallions in their pedigrees, apart from a few deliberate outcross mares. There are presently ten wonderful welsh cobs at Taraco Stud including the mares - Danaway Fantasy Mathfred April (both by Supreme Champion and RWAS winner Danaway Flash Jack), Danaway Cherimarie, Danaway Ribbon (both by Royal Welsh winner Tireinon Triple Crown), Trevallion Carmen (by Royal Welsh winner Nebo Thomas) , the delightful old fashioned cremello welsh cob Paith Magical Rockset (by Supreme Champion and top stock-getter Paith Magical Meredith), and the two superb colts/ stallions - Taraco Firecracker (palomino) and the buckskin Taraco Fiasco ( by Danaway Tango and Danaway Flash Jack respectively) It took several years to find (and breed!) these fantastic horses and I have been thrilled with my foals. 2009 was a special year as we had two welsh cob fillies, both of which have been retained - Taraco Amira and Taraco Bonita. Trevallion Carmen is a very old fashioned mare by Derwen Telynor who was a surprise addition to the stud in 2009 - fingers crossed she will prove to be fertile and a good wife to our young stallion Taraco Fiasco. Temperament is essential and all the welsh cobs at Taraco are kind and gentle whilst retaining that classic welsh character that makes them so much fun. Please visit the Section Ds page for more information on these Welsh Cobs.

2003 was a very exciting year and after much debate saw the start of the Welsh Mountain Pony side of the stud Ringstead Charming Lass - click on photo for pedigree and informationwith the arrival of the Supreme Champion and medal winning palomino welsh section A mare, Ringstead Charming Lass (by Forlan Brigadier) and the fantastic mare chestnut sabino mare, Vervale Rara (by Vervale Gangster) also joined the stud in 2003 (thank you to Barry Shepherd). I hope that I have been successful in seeking out ponies that epitomise the Welsh Mountain Pony - kind-natured, intelligent, pretty, with a good length of rein and limbs set square with good flat bone and tail set high - and was thrilled when this seemed to pay off with two cracking foals in 2004, 3 wonderful fillies in 2005 (all retained) and with Royal of England winners, multiple champions and prizewinners the welsh section A ponies at Taraco seem to be rivalling the welsh cobs! The first two welsh ponies were Taraco Renegade (by Supreme Champion Vervale Grenade) and Taraco Crossfire (by Supreme Champion Larapinta Oystercatcher) have been multiple winners in the show ring from their first season, with Taraco Renegade winning RASE! 2004 saw the unexpected arrival of a little perlino welsh section A mare, Granby Lacewing, who I unfortunately lost in 2005, not before she left me the stunning buckskin filly Taraco Louisiana who has now taken her mother's place at the stud. 2008 was a monumental year and I was to get my dream come true when Blanche Glisten (Springbourne Gemma x Breachwood Marwyn) joined the stud in foal to Friars Superman and was not to disappoint with a stunning bay filly foal (Taraco Ghazaleh) in 2009. I have always been a huge fan of Barry Shepherd's gorgeous mare Blanche Glimmer and have searched high and low for the right mare of the same breeding to join my stud and in 2008 a cheeky email to Centannial's Stud in Holland saw me able to persuade them to sell me this lovely mare later that year. My search for that perfect welsh mountain pony stallion was finally to be over in 2008! I had spent 12 months searching throughout the UK and then Europe looking for a stallion to lease or buy for 2009. My wish list was very long and I was beginning to despair of ever finding one when the Fayre Oaks catalogue landed on the doorstep. Friars Golden Mark is by the superb stockgetter Penual Mark and out of one of Friars Studs show mares the twice RWAS winner and Royal of England Female Champion Friars Lleucu-Llwyd and I am absolutely ecstatic he has joined the stud to complete my dream herd. We have been very lucky in retaining three beautiful section A fillies already: the cremello welsh section A Taraco Cherish, the beautiful grey Taraco Razzmatazz and the lovely buckskin welsh section A Taraco Louisiana. I look forward to the second generation Taraco ponies over the next couple of years! Please visit the Section As page for more information on these Welsh Mountain Ponies. The Section As are based on combining the old-fashioned lines with Penual Mark and Springbourne bloodlines.

All the horses are individual characters and each and everyone is loved as a member of our family. People often ask me who my 'favourite' is; and I always laugh and say Fantasy, Fiasco, Cherimarie, April, Magic, Ribbon, Carolina, Charm, Glisten, Cracker, Bonnie, April, Amira, Mark, Razzle, Lulu, Cherish etc etc etc! I adore them all and they are each so typically welsh in their type and their character. One of the most wonderful things about breeding welshies is the lovely people you meet some of my 'best friends' are now people I have actually never (or rarely) met but spent hours talking to on the phone, by text and by email. I love the way a mutual obsession with welsh ponies and cobs can bring you together with like minded people from all over the World and UK; how easy it is to talk to people you barely know purely because you both adore your ponies and cobs! We consider ourselves very lucky to have some fantastic 'welsh' friends in America, Germany, Holland, France, Sweden, Czech Republic, Belgium, Denmark and many more! I have even had to brush up on my German and French this year which is always good! Thank you to all the people who have considered my shaggy and muddy welsh ponies and cobs worthy of a visit from some very far flung places - Wales, Scotland, England, Australia, America, Germany, Belgium, France, Holland and more. We love to share the ponies and cobs with fellow welsh fanatics and any visit is always a great excuse for a trip to the pub. I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has helped me over the years to name but a few (the list really is endless!): Taraco Fiasco - click on photo for pedigree and informationMy friends and family for their patience and for helping out when I want to go wandering round the countryside in pursuit of ponies and social life (thanks Mum, Simon and Jo!); my 'landlords' (The Mitchell Family) for keeping an eye on the ponies for me and for their ongoing support and friendship; my farrier (James) for always being there and being so patient with my cheeky welshies; my vets (Clifford George and Chris Freed) for their invaluable advice; Liesl Burt (Wensley Stud) for producing the ponies; Justin Walters and Clare and George for producing the cobs; Harold Zoet (Ysselvliedts Stud) for leasing me the smashing stallion Ysselvliedts Golden Boy; Jan Hazeleger (Centannial Stud in Holland) for letting me buy the beautiful mare Blanche Glisten; Matt and Josie Attrell (Danaway Stud), for allowing me to have the stunning cobs, Danaway Fantasy, Danaway Ribbon, Danaway Desert Storm and Danaway Cherimarie, and also for all the encouragement they have given me over the years; Barry Shepherd (Vervale Stud) for trusting me enough to buy one of his fantastic ponies and lease the lovely Gift of Gold, and for the never ending supply of advice and support; all the stallion owners for letting me use their lovely stallions over the years; Jackie McEwen (Terackie Stud) for sharing the ups and downs of breeding palomino welsh cobs with me;  Jean Smith (Jebeth Stud) for keeping me sane and giving me the confidence to believe in myself and my horses; Ruth Thacker (Farchynys Stud) for starting me on the slippery slope to welsh addiction by selling me the delightful filly Farchynys Cristal; Helen Tattersall (Runshaw Stud) for providing unlimited laughter and support over the years; Helen Vaughan who leased Farchynys Cristal and did such a wonderful job of bringing her on under saddle; Rebecca Jarvis for backing Bennie so brilliantly and to everyone else (you know who you are!) without whose friendship, support, help and advice I would not be happily breeding welsh ponies and cobs today: THANK YOU! The biggest thanks of all must go to my ponies for being such superstars in the first place, and for all those magical moments I spend with them, and of course to my mum for getting me into horses in the first place!

Taraco Stud, Canterbury, Kent

A small stud specialising in breeding for colour without compromising on quality