The girls of Taraco Stud

I believe passionately in the importance of the mare line in any breeding programme and I have been honoured to base my stud on a small select group of wonderful mares. These foundation mares have formed the cornerstone of my stud and each one of them will always hold a special place in my heart. Stock from these girls grace fields from America to Australia, throughout Europe and in each Corner of the United Kingdom and their sons stand at stud across the World ensuring their bloodlines grace studbooks both home and overseas for generations to come.

These girls are not just part of my herd, they are part of my family.

I owe the success of my stud to these beautiful mares who have defined my stud, my stock and ultimately my success. Their daughters graze beside them at the stud and will in time take their dam's place. As a small stud the intention has always been to breed true-to-type foals with excellent temperaments, conformation and action. Although I have a reputation for breeding for colour without compromise - it is the welsh type and temperament that come first - the variety of colours, modifiers and markings in the welsh are an added bonus and the full range of colours are present in my breeding stock. Black to perlino, bay to buckskin, dark and light chestnuts, palominos and socks of every length and number.

All too often we all ask "who is it by?" Giving all the credit (or criticism!) to the sire - undermining the contribution of the dam. However, I believe that not only do the foals carry 50% of each of their parent's genes but they are (usually) 100% nurtured by their dam and raised by their dam so the conformation, temperament and health of the dam means that the dam offers a greater overall contribution. I therefore place great importance on the mares that I select to breed from, and ensure that they offer the best start in life for their foals and I hope the quality demonstrated by Taraco stock across the World reflects the success of this policy.

1995 Welsh Section D mare
by Tireinon Triple Crown

Grandma (as she is affectionately known at home) is a beautiful mare, now 25 years old. She is a great example of "don't ask and you don't get" when a cheeky grovel from me many years ago, saw Matty Attrell agree that she could come home with me. She is as beautiful inside as she is out and is adored by people and the horses alike. She is by Supreme Champion Tireinon Triple Crown and out of Rainhill Fantasy (by Brynymor Welsh Magic). She is half sister to the multiple prize winner and Royal Welsh Champion Danaway Tango and dam of Danaway Fantasy, Taraco Fabio (in Denmark), Taraco Fernando (in Scotland), Taraco Figaro (sold to Australia), Taraco Fiasco (Germany), Taraco Fanfare (sold to Holland) and Taraco Fabrizio (SPSS Champion). Her daughters Danaway Fantasy, Taraco Freya and Taraco Francesca all graze beside her in my fields.  


2000 Welsh Section D mare
by Danaway Flash Jack

My beautiful Fantasy, was chosen at just 3 days old as a future foundation mare. A visit to Danaway Stud 21 years ago saw Matty promising me that if they ever bred a palomino filly he would give me a call. 5 months later he called. The rest of the story is history. Quirky, full of character and very much "my" girl she has never disappointed. Her pedigree is exemplary - by Prince of Wales Cup winner Danaway Flash Jack, and out of the wonderful Danaway Cherimarie she features some of the best old welsh bloodlines and it is no surprise that she has bred me some phenomenal foals that have been sold to USA, Belgium, Holland, Germany and her grandchildren can be found in Australia, America and Europe.  


1997 Welsh Section D mare
by Trevallion Valentino

This fantastic mare was an unplanned but very welcome addition to the stud over a decade ago. She is by the superb stockgetter Supreme Champion Trevallion Valentino and out of a wonderful old maresI had long-admired, Rhosygarreg Brenhines who in turn was by the great Nebo Brenin. As you would expect from her breeding this is a massive, powerful moving mare with great bone and feather, and depth combining quality with old fashioned welsh cob type. Shown as a youngster this gorgeous mare was a top show mare and medal winner which is no surprise as she has an unbelievable pedigree that features the very best stallions in her immediate pedigree! She has blessed me with 4 stunning colts, and 4 beautiful fillies some of whom have been exported to the USA, Germany, France.

2005 Welsh Section D mare
by Derwen Railway Express

An unexpected addition in Spring 2019, when I was tentatively looking for a mare who could be an outcross to the welsh cob stallions, and with a view to breeding welsh sports ponies and horses for dressage. Lady was an older lady, far from being in prime condition, and had been through several dealers yards (through no fault of her own) in a matter of days. However, through the ribs, sad expression and gauntness I saw a glimpse of the welsh within and the decision was made. She arrived at Taraco Stud within a couple of days and together we have found her welsh spirit, her zest for life and the beautiful cob beneath. She has already bred some stunning foals for both her breeder, and previous owners and She has proved to be an excellent addition to my small herd and has bred an equisite dressage foal (TS Tiger Lily).



2009 Welsh Section D mare
by SCh Trevallion Valentino

Bonnie is a smashing palomino mare by Supreme Champion Trevallion Valentino and out of a Nebo Thomas mare who was exportd to Germany. Retained to replace her dam at the stud, she has not only bred two stunning welsh cob fillies, T. Brandy Snap and T. Bellini, but also adopted and reared orphan foal Taraco Diageo alongside her own foal in 2017. This kind and unflappable temperament makes her an invaluable part of the herd, and a wonderful cob to have around. She has wonderful uphill movement, a very trainable disposition and lovely welsh type and has therefore been selected to be part of the performance breeding programme here at Taraco Stud.

2016 Welsh Section D mare
by Trevallion Enzo

This beautiful young mare features the best of her two medal winning parents with Trevallion Enzo as her sire, and Danaway Carolina as her dam, she was guaranteed to be full of welsh fire, move like a steam train and stand out from the crowd. Her siblings include both successful in hand, ridden and breeding stock both home and overseas and Catalina looks set to follow in their footsteps. She has been retained as a future show prospect and broodmare and I look forward to seeing her mature.



2013 Welsh Section D mare
by Taracoo Fiasco

This beautiful mare is by the multiple Champion and Supreme Champion Taraco Fiasco himself by Prince of Wales Cup winner and multiple Royal Welsh winner Danaway Flash Jack. Unshown to date, she combines the best of both her sire and dam, and I am very proud and lucky to say that she has returned to Taraco Stud for a holiday by kind permission of her owner Kim Riley. A huge thank you to Kim for trusting me with her pride and joy :0)

2017 Welsh Section D filly
by Trevallion Enzo

Sadly orphaned at just 5 weeks old, Madonna was fostered using a technique little used in the UK. The news and video of her fostering went viral on FaceBook and was shared over 10,000 times. Despite the difficult start in life, Madonna thrived under the care of her foster mum, Isa, and went from strength to strength. She is a daily reminder of the highs and lows that breeding entails, and whilst I miss her dam every day, I am very grateful to have her daughters here to continue with the circle of life. Madonna, full sister to Taraco Maserati and Mililani, has wonderful quality bone, silky feather, great depth and type combined with a beautiful front, straight and ground-covering movement and her dam's wonderful temperament. She has been retained as a future broodmare.

2013 Welsh Section D mare
by Trevallion Enzo

Colour without compromise in every sense of the word! It was obvious that this filly was something special the moment she hit the ground running - everything I could have asked for and more she simply got better and better every day. Sadly, a freak stable accident saw her struggling to survive a very serious pelvic fracture in 2015 - the difficulties excerbated when burglars saw her re-break the healing fracture only 2 months into her very difficult recovery. Maisie and I fought together to ensure that she was able to survive, and whilst she will never make a full recovery, she now lives out happily with her sisters and fingers crossed she may yet breed in the future.



1995-2017 Welsh Section D mare
by Paith Magical Meredith

This wonderful smokey cream mare joined me in 2006. This unique big-moving mare was by Supreme Champion Paith Magical Meredith and out of a mare by Thorneyside Flyer. She was deliberately chosen as an outcross as she combines some fantastic bloodlines which I hoped would complement my Trevallion/ Danaway lines. Magic was one of those one in a million mares who captures your heart and gives you a piece of hers. A fantastic mother and a super producer her much sort after offspring include the USA Champion and dressage stallion Taraco Mourinho, Taraco Matylda (Norway) and Taraco Mililani (Germany). Magic is missed every single day, but lives on through her beautiful daughters Taraco Maserati and Taraco Madonna, both of whom are retained at Taraco Stud. RIP Magic, you are missed every single day.



1995-2017 Welsh Section D mare
by Tireinon Triple Crown

I have no words to describe the heartbreak of losing this wonderful mare in 2017. A true old fashioned welsh cob of the "leg at each corner" type, Ribbon joined Taraco Stud in 2006 as my (then) husband's mare to teach him about horses and fully involve him in the stud. She was perfect. Simply full of welsh character as well as a wondeerful mother to Taraco Diablo, Taraco Daioni, Taraco Donatella, Taraco Dragonfly, Taraco Dakota, Taraco Delana and Taraco Diageo and was one of those special horses that stole a piece of my heart and, in its place, left so many memories that she will never be forgotten. Her beautiful daughter Taraco Delana is retained and provides a daily reminder of her beautiful dam. RIP Ribbon, I miss you.


1997-2020 Welsh Section D mare

April was a big winner and Supreme Champion in hand (including 2005 Cuddy Champion at Kent County) and this lovely mare has the type, temperament, quality and action you would expect from this breeding. She is by Prince of Wales Cup Winner Danaway Flash Jack and has Royal Welsh winners throughout her pedigree and her foals include Taraco Amira (Holland); Taraco Armani (Sweden); Taraco Antonio (Germany) and Taraco Azarenka (Champion under saddle).



Taraco Stud, Canterbury, Kent

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